About Us

Beyond driving


Being market leader in the automotive business within Egypt, Middle East and Africa, providing diversified transportation solutions, which add value to our society and environment


To drive your destinations in diversified automotive products, services and new technologies provided with high quality and safety. To continuously value our customers’ money and achieve the highest satisfaction to all our stakeholders. To be “The Employer of Choice” through our stable organization

Aboul Fotouh Values

Customer Oriented
We are dedicated and have a passion to retain our customers’ satisfaction and enthusiasm, creating an utmost customers loyalty, involvement and exceeding expectations aligned with Aboul Fotouh Policies and Core Values.

Team Spirit
We achieve our organizational goals throughout a positive and effective communication, integration and maximized team performance that extends across functions, business units.

We carry out our day-to-day business (through/with/by) honesty, ethics, fairness, accountability and trust.

Quality Driven
We skillfully craft our products and services to fulfill all the required specifications and performance standards while assuring safety and reliability with highest levels of total quality management.

We are responsible to deliver what we promise to all stakeholders with respect, devotion and ownership.

Continuous Improvement
We are inspired to work on innovative solutions and challenges to attain our customer’s demands leading us to be “The Partner of Choice”.

Valuing People
We create a learning organization through motivating and empowering our employees to develop leaders and managers from within.

Factory Details

- Factory area: The plant is considered as one of the largest factories in Egypt with a total area of (432 Mt. Length X 282 Mt. width) = 121,824 M2 approximately .

- Factory scope of work: The factory was constructed to assemble passenger cars, and any other type of commercial vehicles with slight modifications.

- Plant description: The factory is consisted of administration building, assembly building (steel structure),warehouses and storage area, utility buildings, road test, and green area. The factory was designed to produce 6 vehicles /hour.

• The annual capacity of the plant is 25,000 to 30,000 vehicles in one shift 8 hours and such capacity can be increased in case of two shifts operation, or utilizing Saturdays.

• Painting shop is using dipping system in PT & ED line with the most updated technology.

• The plant has the necessary testing equipment in addition to road test to assure the quality of the produced vehicle.

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